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Reviews for "Ongaku"

so-so game

it was alright not all that exciting but kinda kool and reeally easy except the last level

From my point of view, frankly, this sucks

the music seemed half assed the controls weren't too new and the notes were terribly out of sync, for the most part it was too easy, the only one relatively hard was the last


This is the old version of Ongaku...
You should all try http://www.ongakugame.com/ for the new updated version.

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This game...

Has awesome music but its controls are so really frustrating. I know it my be a part of coordination but they're unnecesarily complex and make EVEN the tutorial a frustrating experience.


This Ongaku music rhythm game is rather charming, I think. The production value on visuals seems rather low, but the core gameplay has something I find entertaining, worth fleshing out.