Reviews for "Hungboo and Nolboo"

Very good!

You have nothing to worry about. You are better than 90% of animators who submitt here. This is especially good if you are new to flash. The "animation" itself needs work since the scenes didn't have a whole lot moving, but the graphics were clean, simple and everything fit well with your style. The story was somewhat interesting and the audio quality was above average. Keep it up, buddy. I hope to see more from you.

This was really fun.

I enjoyed this flash profusely and I could see it on a kid's channel or something, like blues clues (or whatever the little crumbsnatchers are watching nowadays).

Only bad problems I saw were in the english/grammar but I still understood what was going on. The subtitles helped a bit because sometimes the voice sounded too close to the mic.
The animation was nice and smooth and the colors and art were fun. Great overall, but don't watch it if you want adult comedy and violence, because the only violence is a slap on the head with a rice spoon, hehe.

pretty good

it was a decent flash great graphics and great story....i also liked the fact that there were captions on it....the only thing you could do is make the voice more clear some parts were hard to understand other then that flaw decent flash