Reviews for "Binary Emisions ~P~"

Pwa Pwa so epic

Pwa Pwa nuff said

Good job, as always

Especially the end gives a good sci-fi feeling... and the change when the "random violin"-part starts at 0:45 is very successful, my first thought when it started was: "Now what the heck happened to my sound settings?"

Love sci-fi!

I myself am looking forward to making use of "hidden" GB soundfonts that would make sci-fi music aficionados squeal with glee...

Pretty cool

I was a little unsure about this song at first, it sounded like it was going to be an ambient song (I'm not a fan of ambient music). But I think it got a lot better toward the middle after the bass started kicking in. From 0:46 on I found that the song worked a lot better. And I liked the random violin, it really seemed to tie everything together.