Reviews for "Binary Emisions ~P~"

I love it :)

By far this one is my personal favorite. Its a peppy little tune, however it that tells you something is up (like the fact that millions of bullets are coming at you isn't enough XD) Yet, it makes you feel good inside, like you have accomplished a lot since you first started playing. 10/10 :)
(And IU can't believe people are spamming in the reviews. Meh. N00bs will be n00bs :P)


U NEED TO CLEAN YOUR DIRTY tongue!!!!!!!!! i aughta rip it off from your mouth man. we dont give a shit about what you think about him and you got a bad language yet it doesnt work amazingly. yet another failure from you and only you. YOU go die in a hole man. oh btw nice music :D

not bad :)

3/5 5/10

An instant fav!

I fell in love at first sound. It's a simple yet well-done loop that really gets you pumped up NOT ONLY for the last few levels of the game,
but also for adventuring!
I put this gem in my mp3 the other day and was happily listening to it while wandering around at the airport.

Strangely Addicting

At first I was a little thrown off by the violin, but after a few moments I found myself smiling and relaxing to this song. A truly bizarre combination that worked out wonderfully! Great job!