Reviews for "Binary Emisions ~P~"


I liked how you transitioned into the different sections. Make an EBF 4, and put this in for an overworld theme!

Really Good!

This one's my fave for when i'm doing schoolwork ect. It's very peppy and keeps you upbeat!

love this retro- 8 beat feel

You're starting to become one of my favorite musicians on NG
I like how the music build here... it begins with a very 8 bit old school feeling of urgency followed by an evolved piece of music like as though it has suddenly become timeless not simply nostalgic. Love the use of violin instrumentals; keep up the awesome work

pretty good.

its a pretty good song.


Fruity sytrus detected B)
I first heard your stuff on Bullet Heaven, after noting that the music was pretty good. I was pleasantly surprised when one of the little buttons after finishing a level said "Soundtrack Available," so I clicked and here I am.
You have really good compositions skills, I'd say that with a couple free VSTIs, you could take your already good music a step higher.