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Reviews for "Armor's Dressup Game"

Cute and well drawn

I think we know who the target audience for this was was LOL. Enjoyable for a couple minutes. Could be better. slow downtempo type music mabye. Not too shabby.

Normally Id be against the use of reviews like

this but here goes,
sankiro- first of all its hentai not hentei, second there is no nudity so its just manga,
third it's not a real girl so what the F*** do u care?

EviLudy and Armor Games- you guys need to learn how to trace or even just copy old lines because some of the clothes didn't match her body. Second i'm giving you a seven because of homer and she was the most corrrectly proportioned girl i have seen in a dress up.

I say using reviews in this matter is dumb because when is the person other than the author gonna check these reviews? i mean its not like we're Myspace here people.

Not a bad dress up game

I'm not a big fan of dress up games but this was quite good. I liked the huge selection of clothes and I liked the backgrounds. One thing that made me laugh was homer simpson being in the pet section.

Nicely done

I just wish there was more variety and less palette swaps of the same thing. Not like that really matters though, I mean everything looked nice and you did have varying...everything, but instead of 4 types of shirts, each with 4 different designs/colours, I'd rather have 6 types of shirts and about 2-3 different colours. Something like that. Like instead of 4 skinny v necks, there's a skinny v, a leathery zip up, a fluffy button up, etc. Stuff you don't really need that many colour changes to satisfy.
That's my only gripe, well that and her eyes look a little off, but glasses are a virtue. I hope you Armour rewarded you adequitely.


I enjoyed the quality of the clothes and the interface alot.
The style was good.
My only complaint is that the skirts and vests dont seem to fit quite right (then again i am not a clothes expert... i hold a m-16a1 for a living) and i couldnt put on more then one spike bracelet (the other disapears when i click it again?)
Good show tho all around!

EviLudy responds:

Thanks, and yeah, some clothes are programmed to dissapear if you put on more of them.