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Reviews for "Armor's Dressup Game"

Noice. I with there were a little bit more of a variety. It's been more than a decade since the last review on this :p

Nicely done

I just wish there was more variety and less palette swaps of the same thing. Not like that really matters though, I mean everything looked nice and you did have varying...everything, but instead of 4 types of shirts, each with 4 different designs/colours, I'd rather have 6 types of shirts and about 2-3 different colours. Something like that. Like instead of 4 skinny v necks, there's a skinny v, a leathery zip up, a fluffy button up, etc. Stuff you don't really need that many colour changes to satisfy.
That's my only gripe, well that and her eyes look a little off, but glasses are a virtue. I hope you Armour rewarded you adequitely.

Not a bad dress up game

I'm not a big fan of dress up games but this was quite good. I liked the huge selection of clothes and I liked the backgrounds. One thing that made me laugh was homer simpson being in the pet section.

good graphics

..and lol@homer simpson

i agree

potatoboy37 i agree with you and i have another suggestion which is allow us to save the ppl and upload them