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Reviews for "Madness Inaguration"

Oh god...If krinkles would see this....

This just sucks...you know how many pepole did Madness flash movies and failed? congratz you just became one of them...
This S-U-C-K-S...are you kidding me?! ur using sprites!!! f***ing sprites!!!
This is just one of the "Madness" flash movies who try to be good like Krinkles...and fail in any way...

LittleLuckyLink responds:

Krinkels did see it. He didn't say it sucked.
So I get O for my own designed death eh? And you are wrong. I added to his sprites, I didn't use them directly. everyone uses sprites, idiot. Why don't you actually animate something before you judge a submission unfarely?

quantity over quality

I believe growing better means getting out what's in.

LittleLuckyLink responds:

You're just mad because you're on your period.


the artwork was changes, the music sucked, the plot was over-elaborate, the animation was all twitchy and S**t, nothing bad ever happens to the hero, there is no bodycount, Hank isnt in it, and IT DOESNT WORK SO SKIP IT!!!!!!!!!