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Reviews for "Madness Inaguration"

pretty good.

Unlike most madness tributes, this one was pretty good. But I thought that the animation was a little fast. I thought the zombie guy looks cool after he came back to life. It's also nice how you included stories for each of the characters. The only real flaw I see in this is how fast the animation was. I look forward to seeing part 2.

LittleLuckyLink responds:

yeah, don't worry, I seem to make noticible improvements DURING the production. The next will be much better. Thanks for the review.

good stuff

nice work on the animation there, love the bit with hank. LOL!

LittleLuckyLink responds:

mmn thaaaaanks :)


Kool, but a lot of victims are just standing around doing nothing :( Hank made an unexpected apperance here! LOL, that was wack.

It was..interesing,

It was pretty good, i liked how you made Hank give Freddy dual Micro Uzis, BUT it was bit too stiff.

I liked it! Hope to see more of your work.

It was okay, but...

Well, first, the minions didn't really do much as their friends were slaughtered. Second, the part with the minion using that big MG stopped firing for no real good reason. Finally... Well, that's all I got. Still, it's pretty okay