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Reviews for "Madness Inaguration"

Really good tribute

I really liked this one, the animation flowed smoothly and there were lots of little things (like the posters on the walls) that made this movie good.

LittleLuckyLink responds:

Thank you very much.


I liked it. A lot like the other madness movies, and close to as good. Just next movie it would be nice if the main character had a bit more of a challenge, like being hit a few times (just minorly) or having to dodge bullets (with bullet time? lol), and have the enemies a bit smarter, where they don't just stand and watch and wait for their death. Like fighting him while he fights others, so he has to fight off multiple guys at once, if you get what I mean.

Storyline, well, madness movies aren't known for that.... But the animation is good, I tell you.

It was a good movie, though. I look forward to seeing the sequel to this. Good job.

LittleLuckyLink responds:

Yeah, the enemies were kinda slow here.. But in the next, expect major improvement...

Hey, I enjoyed it.

Though some portions of the movie feel a bit fast, the quality overall is very good. The choreography is well-created, there isn't too much or too little blood, and there's a bit of decent humor in it.

Congrats on making a successful Madness Combat tribute.

LittleLuckyLink responds:

Oh hay look! It is NinjaPoo! Glad ya liked it, and I can't wait for your second anti clock day madness.


i laughed so long at "LOL ITS HANK!!!!!!" and how do you get the head of hank and the body? can you tell me the resource? great flash though....

LittleLuckyLink responds:

I got it from a sprite sheet.

Very good.

I thought that the actual animation felt kinda off to me. Like, it was smooth, but choppy? Anyways, the art and the sounds were pretty good. Great job!

LittleLuckyLink responds: