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Reviews for "Madness Inaguration"


u realy need to animate more i doubt that the other wud stand still as freddy was killing 1 of them

LittleLuckyLink responds:


pretty good

all happened to quickely and and wtf hank giving freddy guns? wtf

LittleLuckyLink responds:


WTF OMG LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!
Y DID TEH HAKN GIV TH FRED GUNZ WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

no sorry

ok music, from the original, nice fast beginning, and the animation sucked ass.
it would be good, but the motion wasnt at all natural... i mean like wat was the frame rate anyway?

LittleLuckyLink responds:


Good Tribute.

This thing was good.

Action 9
Music 8
Graphics 8
Overall 9

i like this and that zombie looks good with those sunglasses. i like Madness and this is a good addition to the Madness Collection. My favorite part is the part where i saw Hank (MC 5) and that made me go like "OMG, Its Hank!". Overall its a good submission and Tribute to Madness. and i wonder what R those reasons that made U cancel the second movie.

LittleLuckyLink responds:

The reasons were because this was a shitty movie and you're obviously too strung out and cream your pants to anything Madness to give this a proper score.

owwww K

amazing movie but dont u think he killed people a bit 2oooo fast exept that keep up the good work

LittleLuckyLink responds:

I don't care because this is old as hell and I'm never working with this series again.