Reviews for "No More Ketchup For Jack"

the greatest flash in history?

very original, very funny ^_^ awesome animation! and superb graffix

Slinker responds:

People want to know if I paid you for that review. I'll give you $5 to say no.

BLue score! ;)

great graphics ;) good job

Lol I knew you would turn it into something amazing when you asked me if you should do it. but DAMN THAT WAS GOOD! lol I basically shit out mine after doing all the good animation XD

Slinker responds:

Mwahahaha thanks babe.


I love the Milano Crew, or the Random Society as it is now called. I was with you guys until your site shut down....I'll join up again.



Slinker responds:

Awesome. Look forward to seeing you on the forums!

That was amazing I Loved it!

I loved how u used the Rolling Stones song in the beginning! U started out with a bang, and ended with catchup! :D


this was one of the funniest movies i have ever seen on here

Slinker responds:

Thank you kind sir!