Reviews for "No More Ketchup For Jack"


this was one of the funniest movies i have ever seen on here

Slinker responds:

Thank you kind sir!

Double You Tee Eff

Absolutely hilarious. The Power Rangers scene was epic.

Slinker responds:

Thanks very much! =3


I like the way the actions are complimented by the sound. This adds a nice, mood, environment, and also helps the surprise factor. You will get better keep practicing.

that was nice!

that was great, quite pooish actually

Slinker responds:

Well there's nothing I like in this world so much as Poo.

I throughly enjoyed the show

Brings back memories, so basic animation, yet well created.


Slinker responds:

Thanks. I am a learning animator, and definately nowhere near professionalism, but I try to take pride in my work. =3