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Reviews for "Brak-Don't Touch Me!"

Hammer Lookalike!!

Funny Shit!!!

How come this wasn't blammed?

Now, I don't like to flame stuff, because it doesn't help the author. But what the fuck were you thinking?! The only thing funny was the song. Please, anybody who should happen to stumble across this, avert your eyes and save yourself.


Um Brak is cool, You are not

I hate doing this,but......

I had to rate this really low beacause you could have done a lot better with this. I love that song too. His mouth could have moved will the song was playing. You could have had it set up that when you put your mouse over Brak he would move somewhere else. The extra stuff that you put in it has to go. I really love Brak and this could have been better. Sorry!

My eyes hurt.

That was bad. Try putting stuff in the background next time.