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Reviews for "Brak-Don't Touch Me!"

Um, no.

A pasted image moving to a song, that was all it was, it wasn't at all funny, it went on for too long and it was completely boring, there was no point to it whatsoever and it required no skill to make. The pasted image was poor, you had part of the background still around the edge of it and the song was really annoying.

Peace Out, Afro Stud



I could watch that for hours...


the song was cool because it was brak but the animation was like the crapiest thing in the world so I still gave it a 0 for your stupid animation.........if it was just the song I would have given it a 5, just so you know =)

Fucking hilarious

more but put it in cant touch this format.

Sweet flash!

That was damn funny, and that song was awesome too! You get 5/5 from me good sir! And by the way, did you know that this is the favorite flash of the legendary StrawberryClock? I bet you're proud! :D