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Reviews for "Brak-Don't Touch Me!"

Brak = Good, Animation+Art = bad

Mainly your getting points for the sound.. But eh, I always like a good sucky animation now and then!

LuLuOnyx, Brak is part of the Council of Doom on Space Ghost Coast to Coast.

It was OK

We all know that Brak and his songs kick ass, but the video just sucked.


i love that song! although.. it would have been better if it made more sense to the movie... but hey, it's cool enough thatyou chose that song.. and remember...DON'T TOUCH ME!

yay brak!

we need more brak videos desperately! better than this,but more nonetheless. brak is god. that is all. thank you.

Where'z Mah Atomic Space RayGun?

I blast yo' ass ta kingdom come! GRRRRRR.....