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Reviews for "Brak-Don't Touch Me!"

Remove this crap would ya?

How could you make such crap? I love space Ghost and I don't know why you had to do such a crap job of making this movie. You could at least make his mouth move. MAY ANDY MERRIL CURSE YOUR SOUL!

Not Bad

This movie is actually kind of funny, in an Animutation kind of way, but not quite as good as the real thing. You could have done a bit more, but not bad.

what the fuck?

what the fuck was that? total fuckin crap....don'tknow what the creator got for this but he should have got life!

i got a question...

where does the dead stick figure dissapear to? oh, yeah, it was funny too...

Bush one...

The bush one was better... lots. Even thought it didn't have Brak...