Reviews for "X-Men: Phoenix Season"

Ha-ha, he-he

Good job, you've just made it into my favorite authors...too funny...

Wow...just wow...

Of all the great stuff I've seen here on NG, this was the vid that made me fianlly create an account so I can leave a review. Thanks to you I now have a huge backlog of reviews to make.

Anyway, This was the best flash yet from you, but that last scene with Phoenix...where did you get that music from? I've been playing that repeatedly for over a week now (my wife's sick of it by now) and I have no idea where to look for it. Please tell me what music that was. *sigh* You have me begging on my first ever review. I'd almost hate to see what your future work would do to me.


i'm not a huge marvel fan, but i could still think this is HIALRIOUS!

Just Awesome!

I love the art. It's simple but catchy, Great Work!

Funniest. Parody. Ever.

I loved it! The voices could have been cast a little better though, I think...