Reviews for "X-Men: Phoenix Season"

Just Awesome!

I love the art. It's simple but catchy, Great Work!

Funniest. Parody. Ever.

I loved it! The voices could have been cast a little better though, I think...


I love all your cartoons. They're such a comment on how the comics work and after reading them you can see how inspired you were from them. 10/10!!!! Keep doing these for a long time.

Best yet!

I had to be pulled from my abysmal laziness to comment. That was great! Awesome to see someone who knows the origins behind a moneywise movie franchise. The humor was pulled off perfectly, seemingly effortlessly; a rare gift. I hope to see some more of these, honestly, for no other sake than to bring a man plagued by bills a good, honest laugh.


"Jeeeeaaaannnnn!!!!!!!" =D