Reviews for "X-Men: Phoenix Season"


"But i lost my powers.." "AH CRAP!" xD

'but i lost my powers'

lol, that hilarious and great vid

Wow, this wasn't half bad...

You know a lot of times I rant about your movies but this one (and Marvel Villains Assemble) was pretty good! The voice for Emma was almost perfect, but she could have been more naggy.


Best single Wolverine spoof ever. Oh and Emma is a hoot to!

Great work, keep them coming.

Best yet!

I had to be pulled from my abysmal laziness to comment. That was great! Awesome to see someone who knows the origins behind a moneywise movie franchise. The humor was pulled off perfectly, seemingly effortlessly; a rare gift. I hope to see some more of these, honestly, for no other sake than to bring a man plagued by bills a good, honest laugh.