Reviews for "X-Men: Phoenix Season"


....it's from space!!! :D:D:D


Love all the little touches - like how long -has- it been since we've seen Nate Grey or Stryfe, outside of weird, unexplained ressurections? Especially loved the doorbell. Pryde of the X-men's theme song, man! =D

Excellent work.

I got a kick out of this X-Men parody,the animation looked better than your previous flashes though the designs of the charactets were the same it seemed that the colors were more vibrant and it was all neater in general,i got a real kick with the scene of Cyclops and the protesters and there was a few other funny moments too,overall this wasn't the funniest X-Men parody you made but i still enjoyed it a lot.


Mutants Go Home! (Distintegrate)

"Because were from Space"

Nice very funny man