Reviews for "X-Men: Phoenix Season"


(SLAP) "cut that out"
ZOMG (falls outta chair and rolls on floor laughing ass off)tottaly awesome


when the A sential chosses the green girl he says you attack them shes like i lost my powers and hes like oh crap


-stop that.

Good stuff man, good stuff, I actually really like the style you use, you can get alot of animation done quickly that way, might try that XD

Hilarious as hell, I havn't read all the bits of the comics and such to get all of the jokes, but it was all around priceless :D

keep it up!

Thank you.

I needed that. Everytime I head to the comic shop it's getting more and more ridiculous. Thanks for keeping it in perspective dude.


lol I love the part where Apocolips is deciding who his horsemen would be...
In the Xmen Evolution series.. I think he used Mystique Magneto Xavier and Storm.