Reviews for "Super Mario RPG - Forest"

you sir, win at life

Or atleast music makin' anywho. Oldies games always make the best remix's oddly enough they're also some of the best games out there.*prays for remakes of old games like this one, thats NOT paper mario* lol

Definitly the best Mario game to date.

Super Mario RPG was the perfect Mario game. I'm real glad there are people that keep it alive. Those were the glory days of Mario, Now it's just endless Mario party games that just plain suck. XP


ZombiePosessor responds:

Well, the first 3 mario party games were ok. Now its all these mario sports games. fuck that. thanks for the comment.

It doesn`t suprise me...

...that your music has so good songs. You really CAN continue making music like this one or the other ones. Maybe not many authors want it in their Flash Movies/Games but that`s OK, I guess... Just: Great job with this! Please continue! I`ll wait!

dont kno how to explain it exactly, but...

like the original, my favorite part is where it slows down & repeats itself, kinda sounds depressing doesnt it?
very nice remix of a great mario song, 8/10, 4/5


I think that you should make the apces between some of the notes a little smaller, but ehh thats me :P.