Reviews for "Super Mario RPG - Forest"


Well, maybe the major boss song is my favorite >.>

Definitly the best Mario game to date.

Super Mario RPG was the perfect Mario game. I'm real glad there are people that keep it alive. Those were the glory days of Mario, Now it's just endless Mario party games that just plain suck. XP


ZombiePosessor responds:

Well, the first 3 mario party games were ok. Now its all these mario sports games. fuck that. thanks for the comment.


havent at newgrounds lately 'cause i went outta town for holidays

well anyways now that schools coming back ill b on here more frequently during spare time in classes lol

nice unique flow and sync of instrements
good to chillax to i guess

keep it up



Extremly close to the original, but as always it is one of my favorite songs you have remade. too bad i won't go and play my snes cause i have finish sm:rpg SO many times it's uncountable.

Great Job on this one!

Really like it. I love your Overview one too.