Reviews for "Blood Tutorial"


It was ok.... I actually have an awesome technique for making madness style blood like the little clips where it exits the body (I could share it if PMed about it but it is kind of hard to explain). I did enjoy seeing some of the wounds up close, because that is something I needed. Needs a bit more tho. It was origional in the sense that not many tutorials about blood exist.

cool one

that was a pretty cool and original tutorial... especially since it focuses primarily on blood. i dont think ive seen such a unique tutorial like this one. this one here definitely had some pretty nice points and tips in it and it was very cool to check out.
nice work on this one.


Well this is certinley a helpfull tutorial to say the least. It goes over some good ways to do blood, but it seems to be missing somthing. Maybe if you add a bit more then just some blood info then maybe this will be better. Each was very nice, especially the first, but they just dont seem detailed enough to really be used a tutorial by itself. There are tutorials that go over this and many other things. Anyway okay tutorial.

hey its me

thx man this is rly helpful, ur awesome!!!! talk to ya later about the collab


In my spare time I like to make short stick figure fighting scenes. The fact I didn't know how to make the blood appear real-ish caused me to incorporate a lot less than i would of liked. Because of this I know how. Thanks alot!