Reviews for "Blood Tutorial"


Was reallly easy and simple, helped me out loads, thanks!


very nice good affects nad funny stuff though u need just a td bit more work on the color of blood it is more dark than tht but still it was pretty impresive

Quite good.

I thought it was quite good, sure ive seen better but still.
its quite easy to make blood but realistic blood takes long to master, the on-screen blood was really good and i've been wondering how i could put that to use.

Anyways not great. but definetly much better then nothing :)

(your other movies are really cool btw ^^)

There is better stickman blood

i've seen better stickman blood than that. I liked the on-screen blood somewhat
The madness blood wasn't so helpful. i give a 6/10


What are you talking about? Ther are plenty blood splurts in Madness.

also, I didn't like your bloods. First one was too stringy and second one was too slow/big.


export-gold responds:

.....i tried...........................