Reviews for "Short - Crap"

wtf is this

Really good. Many people think it wasn't really good because it makes no sense, but that is the point. The quality was good and all and yeah, I liked it.

Another good one

So as always here's another good film of yours while it is short it's pretty intense it's a nice film and fun action just wish these were longer but you do make some good shorts here so nice work indeed hope you keep making these they are entertaining and good work

Not really anything except make them longer


I agree that it was crap. You've done much better. Dang, this still has a 4.27! I'm so surprised! At least most people like it. I'm confused by Christian Bale. What does he have to do with anything?

More specifically, what does he have to do with pokemon? Well, I guess everyone's into it nowadays. I guess I agree with what you say. At least it was kind of unique. I'm glad it was short.

Amm that was f*ked up