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Reviews for "PALADIN episode 5 part 1"

great start two episode five

good like the pattern on the door and why did that evil dude have to kill the crow that crow was cool.

great start to episode 5.

...going to watch the other one


why is there a crow on paladin??? oh and the password is said at the end woo,.

Great job

I wasn't sure if this was going to be better than the last ones but it was. Continue to make good films.

Radhiel's a bastard!

You really know how to make a truely hateable (is that a word) villain. That guy has absolutely no mercy at all. He killed Mehlan and raised the priest, Auron's only family as an undead.

There's plenty of villains you "hate" because your supposed to, but it's very hard to make a fictional villain that one would hate on principle. Radhiel is one of those few in my opinion, and as such makes for a good (bad) character.

farther and son

reminds me of dad n me