Reviews for "Detective Grimoire"


this should defintily become a series. its amazing.

i agree to the guy before me....

pls make a sequel....
this game is so much fun...


This was a great game that kept you wanting to play. I really loved the running hat gag. All the different personalities were cool, and I liked the eye interogation thing.
Keep up the good work!


i fell in love with this game! especially the parts where u look the suspect in the eyes and at the end when the officer asks you about the crime and you figure out EXACTLY what happened!! I really hope you make a series!

so good, but....

its a great game but there are some flaws.
1-the "voice acting"
2- you keep changing from scary to calm
3- you could tell that pete did it halfway because he was still a suspect when all of his information was filled out.
4- i only need one more clue to beat it but i dont know where the clue is! its the clue before green marker and after old toys, can someone help me out?
5- the lack of sound controls