Reviews for "Detective Grimoire"


I loved this I played it once but didn't know you could ask suspects about clues so I wasn't able to finish but today I checked the help and found out about it and was able to complete it


This game was Fun! It was so hard it took me two days to finish it, but was also equally fun. the only problem was, I couldn't figure out that you could ask the suspcts more than you'd already asked, so the items that you can talk to them should appear after you are introduced to him. Apart from that... GREAT!


that was fun!!!!!!
the murder was fun!!
PS pete is the murderer!!!!


This was great!
I loved the dancing little guys at the end, they were so cute!
Clues: Go to each suspect and click on the objects so they can talk about them.
Leave Pete 'till last...

Great stuff!!
*goes on armorgames.com*

Love it!!!!!!!!!

whoa!the game is so great ad the mysteries were well!! PS THE suspect is the mechanic with the white mustache!!!!!OMG!