Reviews for "Detective Grimoire"

I think the story line and the progression of the story was executed very well, I like the way you had the clues and notes on important things that had to do with the crime and that you had a profile of the suspects. I loved the little animation during the credits, very adorable! The only thing I would suggest is to have an option to control the volume D: maybe I couldn't see it but if you didn't then that's something you might want to work on c:

It needs a sequel.

I loved the game but it was very short and quite easy. I love the dancing animations and the credits at the end. This is an amazing game and I love it. I cant believe thats it. Cant wait for the next one. Love it.

It was very entertaining and easy enough for me... loved the ending credits with the characters dancing:)

this game is really good,and i completed that