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Reviews for "-VELOCITY-"

This is the BEST music game in Newgrounds!

The WHOLE game was really awesome! The graphics were perfect for this kind of game. The backround was pure genious for the style of music that was playing, but best of all, the music was PERFECTLY timed with the game for a very unique time of playing. Once I saw it was made form teh same team that made ! Music Mania ! (another kickass game, check it out) I knew it would be awesome and you didnt disappoint me. Great Job!! I will definitely be looking for more games from you.

By the way....... This isnt my real score, but "totally kickass" doesnt go on a scale from 1-10. My only suggestion would be to add some powerups, more stages, and some different styles of music so no matter what music you listen to, this game could be interesting to whatever you listen to.

Great game.

To the guy below, not all beat games have to be a DDR style game.

Anyway, I love the graphics and music in this game. It was really hard to begin with, but got simpler as it went on. I think you should add a low score board, because i thought you had to hit the obstacles, and got -300000 points.

Anyways, I love the gae, and i hope to see more in the future.

Good Game

Its a really good game. I like the background. You could make a really good game just from that. But you made Earth get destroyed in the end.


Great game; I could just play for hours.

You may have to update the link, because I tried to download it and I got the Armor Games "Oops!" page.

great game

awsome game but i suck at it :)