Reviews for "NeptuneCircle 4th of July"

again again

make anouther that was good and I didnt find any problems with its go good job make anouther make anouther

not too bad...not too bad at all...

A bit odd, two guys strapped to a rocket, but good at the end...
'Wait, it's not quills. It's propellors!' WHAM BAM!

what happened to PJ???

i liked to old style of PJ more :(....oh well life goes on and graphics change. anyways... i liked it.
--graphics where good, nice style of tweened animation
--the new style is also good
--sound: good funny voice acting and sound effects
--voilence:there wasn't any so i cant review that.
--interactivity: oke, nothing wrong with it
--humor:not THAT funny but it was fun
--overall: well nothing wrong with the movies good graphics and sound and smooth animation so... an 8

I made the rocket a wiimote!

Kermit Kombat please.

I spy with my little eye .... a really good flash!

First of all wow that was one of the best movies i personally have seen in a long time that really made me laugh, i can see that you have put a lot of work in to this:) i only have two areas of improvement for you(which is really good because most flashes i have like a biullion) 1. Maybe a bit of sound when , for example when the rocket starts to drop, you could have a spluttering noise. you get what i mean. And last a bit of a longer time would be good but other than that that is a job well done. A 5 from me!!:)