Reviews for "Break the Wall!"

could you make it in to an avatar?

as an animation its pretty small and short, but if you coded it for use as an avatar it would be the sickest one ever? (and if you decide to do so let me know id love to use it on some sites i cant list or i will be in trouble here. )

cmkinsac responds:

uh...can you pm me with an explanation of how to code it for what you desire? That or I just send you the gif version of the easytoon and you can host it without all the hassle of coding?

Oh Yeah!

My vote made it 3.00 XD , i don't care if u took the idea from somewhere else, u still made it. Did a great job in it too, well done sir.

Random Reviews #7

Even though copied, it IS your own work.


This movie is a copy of a movie that one of my bro's friend made a long time ago.
The "breaking a wall" is the same point of trying to open the door. You did not change almost anything, you copied the robot thing, you copied the earth view thing with explosion, dude this whole movie was a copy. The animation was good but it was a copy of an already made animation that was made many many years ago.

The animation is good, as I said, but this idea was a copy, make sure to put that in authors comments because that would be stealing.

Goodjob tho.


needs to be longer needs colour and sfx good work though