Reviews for "How to Recognize Aliens"


This is the kind of information we could all use day to day. Little short though but funny as hell

haha nice.

I would've never guessed that guy was an alien or transdimentional being UNTIL I heard him tell a joke badly. I swear haha. Great job. loved the wilhelm scream at the end. Such a famous scream. I want to meet the guy who made it.

maybe more than one tip per episode?

I was kind of surprised that it ended after the first one, but it was a very, very good short animation. Good animation and even better (and original) joke. Good job!

loved it

hope you make this into a series

I love jokes like this

This is one of the most original funnies you can find on newgrounds. It's so nice to take a breather from the "someone got hurt" joke or the equally classic "gay people are gay" joke.

"More than you would normally expect...in a ludicrous fashion" That's gold comedy right there.

Pure gold.