Reviews for "How to Recognize Aliens"


... nice to see a new movie from you, Matzerath! And it's pretty good too, albite with all the good and bad points your movies usually have. Let me clarify:

- The overall quality of the animation and drawings are quite good, although (as with pretty much all your movies) it isn't really "action packed", so little animation is used... still, what's in there is good. I also enjoy your pretty unique drawing style and I found the sutble changes you've made in this movie (in regards to previous ones) a welcome adition (such as the more pronounced black outlines).

- The background music is meh, but it really isn't important, as the dialogue takes front stage here.

- The voice acting was excelent, the "stacato" delivery of the co-worker being simply great, by being so strange but well delivered. This was possibly the best aspect of the movie.

- The humour was good and very much in your style. But the length of the movie was way too short... I know you're extending short movie, but other tips (as per Worst Case Scenarios) would have made the movie great.

So, all in all, a fine, funny movie, but lacking slightly in some departments. Still, I'm a fan of your work and so I say cheers and kudos to you!

Good attempt

Well...the overall quality of the entry is good. When you have smooth graphics, very nice style and decent sense of humor, you do have a pretty good entry. However, as the title suggested, it was just recognizing aliens. The ways you showed in the entry were hilarious enough for a laugh for a while. But after the laugh, I was like: what now? Next time, either make the entry more educational or you can attempt to make a series based on your talent. As for this one, it is good in my book, although not great. 3/5.


that was very funny:)

Good one!

When I was a little kid, my "alien test" was to have someone hop on one foot. Aliens can't hop well on one foot, as they are probably not used to our gravity.

Now that's a good joke

"many more than would normally be necessary in a fashion that could be described as ludicrous." :D

I wonder whether the alien and/or transdimensional being only attacked because the guy didn't laugh at such a good joke.