Reviews for "Pakistani Pringles Tube"

Better Than Africa Dudes

I've heard one guy compose a rearrangement of the main Legend of Zelda theme song with a Heineken bottle. I believe his name is Mattias Holmgren... one of the suckers from OCRemix.org. This reminded me of that... just not on the same scale. This works well as a loop for a cartoon, so I rate it high on that basis.

This short clip also reminds me of prehistoric-like caveman music, akin to primitive stone-knocking societies. It is my understanding that this song rocks on its own. I still get the nagging sensation that the sound quality could be better, but that's just being nit-picky.

What are the odds that if I go visit Bad-Man's profile I see a revised version of your song, Dependency 2010?


I love pringles.