Reviews for "Pakistani Pringles Tube"

thats pretty amazing,

gret job, not sure how to give critique on this, :/ meh u get none

great job

D.A' cupcake on soundcloud

ahhh yes

brilliant job...u actually made a theme with a tube... and they say flying is difficult lol. sounds great btw. hope for more snack related tunes from ya XP

So simple...

... but so awesome! I love "alternative" or improvised instruments!
I managed to recognize the metallic bottom hits, the low pitched hits I assume you did hitting the lid, but I can't figure out how you did the high pitched compass marking beat...
Just plain awesome.

very cool i like it man

wow the awesomeness is just to much so simple so cool hey i want more pls PM when theres a new one.

Very good !

It's very creative to make music from pringles tube, or that kind of junk stuff :D

It is nice to dance by the way :D