Reviews for "Pakistani Pringles Tube"


This was awesome! Every time I come on Newgrounds I listen to this song. The end sounds a little too abrupt when it loops but it's not even a problem. Fantastic job! I agree with Mr. LinkHyrulean, this needs to be in a Pringles commercial.


I'd love to see a video of this being performed. Or is this sampled and arranged? The timing is tight. I can hardly imagine how to get so many sounds out of a tube of pringles. Bit on the short side, but I guess that is to be expected from a percussion-only track. The ending doesn't have a cliche climax, and for an experimental track that might be a dangerous choice. Number one in its genre!

Get licensing...

I WANT to hear this in a pringles commercial. This is possibly one of the most creative things I have heard done with a widespread product. Amazing.

brain, your like I dude

Dude I like your brain.

does not loop well

other then that, great job.