Reviews for "Musical Extravaganza"


Awesome game bud, grats! :D

Phendrana responds:

Thanks, I'm glad you liked it.


I think we have ourselves a rock out contest winner in our hands! Excelent job!

Phendrana responds:

Heh, hopefully. It's tight competition so far.


i love it but voted four cuz it needed more free bird

Phendrana responds:

Free Bird can go straight to hell. lol

I would appreiate it...

if you would put my name in the audio too. I helped make t-minus one minute, in fact i came up with the idea, and F-777 finished it off. Thank you.

Good game!!!!!!

Phendrana responds:

Thanks! I'd be glad to put you in. Is it the Dark Crystal song? I don't have any that were named t-minus one minute. Just send me a PM with the name of the song and I'll put you in as soon as I can.

nice game!

dude last time i rated your game was because i was just going to games and rating anything. but now that i really tryed it was challenging and hard! nice game and keep up the good work!