Reviews for "Musical Extravaganza"

not really a rhthm game

if you submitted this without it mentioning rhythm games, nobody would say "great rhythm game!" they would say "mediocre game!" and stupid annoying techno ruins it too. the theme of the contest was rocknroll, after all.

Phendrana responds:

What the hell are you talking about!? Music Sheet is entirely rhythm based. The notes are synched TO THE RHYTHM of the music. Sorry it wasn't a DDR or Guitar Hero clone, if those are the only things that fit into your narrow view of what's considered a rhythm game.

Meh :/

Fun and sort of annoying, its so so :D

(nice effort tho ;3)


I didnt like it...

Not a very laptop freindly game...and none of the games were fun anyways.

could extend the songs

good but, longer songs and some new ones as well.


Flat out boring. The most exciting thing was the Music Sheet song.