Reviews for "Musical Extravaganza"

wonderful effort

i can see that you must have put in an enormous amount of effort in on this game. 9 songs!! amazing. good song choice too. i think this game is underated. pick of destiny, possibly the most simplistic rhythm game in the contest, got a better score than this. i think most people on newgrounds need to rethink their votes.

Phendrana responds:

I wanted to put many different styles of music into the game from as many different artists as possible. I would've crammed more in, but the file size would've been huge. lol

You're right about the score though. I think some people aren't voting very fairly. Ah well, I'm glad you liked it. :D

amazing...props to u \.../<(^_^)>\.../

I look at all these other rhythm based games and they don't even come close to what you have right here. Their buttons don't even sync with the beats. I wonder how long this took you to make, I bet months. Don't sweat it, it was all worth it, you got skill man. The games in sync, you give wide ranges of difficulty, and diverse music. Heck even the easy mode for some songs are hard. All in all---ME LIKEY.
9/10 man, I'll be waiting for what you can cook up next.


I think this game is rather addictive. I really enjoy all the different games you have put into this flash, and how they are all nicely tied in with music. I think this is one of the better games on newgrounds.

Good for the most part.

The second game, not chaoz, was original and fun. Chaoz on the other hand just seemed to me to be a ripoff of all the games ive ever made, but since it had good graphix and interesting gameplay ill let that pass.

Overall 7/10

Phendrana responds:

Thanks for the 4, but don't credit yourself so much for Chaoz. I made it last November, but hadn't finished it up until this contest gave me the incentive. And if I remember correctly, you've used plenty of other game ideas/styles in your games (some of which are for this very contest).

Again, thanks for the positive review, but please don't use words like "ripoff". I don't appreciate that very much.


This is one of those games that really shows a lot of work has been put into it. It shows a lot of effort and a lot of work, but at the same time, because of that, the game itself is really good in general. The graphics are not great, but they are pretty for sure, they show a lot of fun and really add to the whole gameplay, which is already really addictive. Nice work on this game.