Reviews for "Musical Extravaganza"


very cool game, just not long enough =).

Phendrana responds:

hahaha thanks. Not long enough though? If you played every mode on every difficulty just once, it's over an hour and twenty minutes long! How long do you want it to be? lol

Thanks for the good review.

not really a rhthm game

if you submitted this without it mentioning rhythm games, nobody would say "great rhythm game!" they would say "mediocre game!" and stupid annoying techno ruins it too. the theme of the contest was rocknroll, after all.

Phendrana responds:

What the hell are you talking about!? Music Sheet is entirely rhythm based. The notes are synched TO THE RHYTHM of the music. Sorry it wasn't a DDR or Guitar Hero clone, if those are the only things that fit into your narrow view of what's considered a rhythm game.

another great one by phen

this is one of the most original music games i've seen on here! make sure you play all the mini games because some are definitely better than others. great job!

Phendrana responds:

lol thanks, Billy. There's a lot in the game that I hope everyone remembers to play through. I tried to make it original, but I guess some people would rather play another DDR clone.

Good for the most part.

The second game, not chaoz, was original and fun. Chaoz on the other hand just seemed to me to be a ripoff of all the games ive ever made, but since it had good graphix and interesting gameplay ill let that pass.

Overall 7/10

Phendrana responds:

Thanks for the 4, but don't credit yourself so much for Chaoz. I made it last November, but hadn't finished it up until this contest gave me the incentive. And if I remember correctly, you've used plenty of other game ideas/styles in your games (some of which are for this very contest).

Again, thanks for the positive review, but please don't use words like "ripoff". I don't appreciate that very much.


Man I love the Music notes one, some were slower than others but it all synced perfectly.

Awesome job on this game :)!

Phendrana responds:

It was a lot of hard working getting all the varying notes to match up right. Thanks for the great review!