Reviews for "Musical Extravaganza"

not bad

not bad man i really enjoyed playin this...next time...if u want could u try and use one of my songs...plz man...i would love for that to happen...u dont have to if there isnt any good ones...but could u plz...plz put one in...

thx man


I would appreiate it...

if you would put my name in the audio too. I helped make t-minus one minute, in fact i came up with the idea, and F-777 finished it off. Thank you.

Good game!!!!!!

Phendrana responds:

Thanks! I'd be glad to put you in. Is it the Dark Crystal song? I don't have any that were named t-minus one minute. Just send me a PM with the name of the song and I'll put you in as soon as I can.

wonderful effort

i can see that you must have put in an enormous amount of effort in on this game. 9 songs!! amazing. good song choice too. i think this game is underated. pick of destiny, possibly the most simplistic rhythm game in the contest, got a better score than this. i think most people on newgrounds need to rethink their votes.

Phendrana responds:

I wanted to put many different styles of music into the game from as many different artists as possible. I would've crammed more in, but the file size would've been huge. lol

You're right about the score though. I think some people aren't voting very fairly. Ah well, I'm glad you liked it. :D


And I'll say it again, fuck DDR. If people want to play DDR clones they have many many MANY choices right here on NG. I'm glad this included so many different games accompanied by great music. I'm wondering about the music played during the Game Select screen. Since the game doesn't have a Credits section (to the naked eye) I can't tell who's the artist behind it or the song's title.

Phendrana responds:

YES! There's way too many DDR clones being submitted to the contest, and that's why I wanted to try to bring a nice variety to this game. Glad you enjoyed it.

Just alittle too hard for me.

A great game and voted accordingly but some of the moves are just impossible for my keyboard(Laptop keyboard..). The up and down at the same time was just too much to ask. But great graphics! and loved the music choice!

Phendrana responds:

lol I would not recommend this for a laptop. I'm glad you still enjoyed it though.