Reviews for "Musical Extravaganza"

amazing...props to u \.../<(^_^)>\.../

I look at all these other rhythm based games and they don't even come close to what you have right here. Their buttons don't even sync with the beats. I wonder how long this took you to make, I bet months. Don't sweat it, it was all worth it, you got skill man. The games in sync, you give wide ranges of difficulty, and diverse music. Heck even the easy mode for some songs are hard. All in all---ME LIKEY.
9/10 man, I'll be waiting for what you can cook up next.

very good

I really enjoyed this game it was just very hard on note sheet trying 2 use two hands and keep the rythem in both hands i suggest if ur gunna try and get good at that game anyone use one hand not two


I found some of them to be quite easy, even on hard. That last one I did, that Silent Music one, I found the Rest dodge to be too easy. I didn't get hit once, and I had it set on hard. Other than that: 7/10 3/5

Make them a bit harder will ya?

I like these

I like these kind of games they help with me dyspraxia and exercise me mind. *^_^* lml


Ohmygosh! you used my sing in that game! thank you very much,
as for the game, well only the "Dodge part" game mode it fun, the rest....isn't [except Chaoz Devotion]