Reviews for "Musical Extravaganza"

nice game!

dude last time i rated your game was because i was just going to games and rating anything. but now that i really tryed it was challenging and hard! nice game and keep up the good work!


It's awesome. That's all there is to it.


I think this game is rather addictive. I really enjoy all the different games you have put into this flash, and how they are all nicely tied in with music. I think this is one of the better games on newgrounds.


This is one of those games that really shows a lot of work has been put into it. It shows a lot of effort and a lot of work, but at the same time, because of that, the game itself is really good in general. The graphics are not great, but they are pretty for sure, they show a lot of fun and really add to the whole gameplay, which is already really addictive. Nice work on this game.

Like it ^^

Very good game, it's original, and easy gameplay =P
I can say that is perfect =P