Reviews for "Musical Extravaganza"

Too Difficult, and a Little Dull

You had a good idea in mind, but the game itself was not very entertaining. I would have liked it a bit more if you didn't have "Elevator Music"; after all, that's the LAST thing anyone wants to listen to. No offense to you or the artist that created that song.
Also, the games in "Sheet Music" were really hard, and I only passed one of the four games. I agree with GameKitten- this game is not very laptop friendly.
But your idea shouldn't go to waste. If you ever plan on making more games like this, try to make it laptop friendly (as in, not involving number key bashing) AND please, PLEASE don't put any elevator music. It bores people to tears.


Ideas are good but a mode is very too difficult, why don't you simply stay the number's touch as the number's touch ?
Rest is good but not very very interesting.

I didnt like it...

Not a very laptop freindly game...and none of the games were fun anyways.


it kinda looks like its off beat, or to fast. kewl otherwise

its good... but...

it probably wouldve been better with other tracks.
i liked it just its not very laptop friendly, the only game i actually managed to pass was note follow, and i thought i wouldnt be able to because of of the touch pad on my laptop. other than that, good job.