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Reviews for "Extreme Russian Roulette"

very awesome!!!

I liked it a lot!!!

Very fun

With a little bit more work, this game can be AMAZING. I've already recommended this game to be used as a drinking game with my friends.

If you GET shot, you must TAKE a shot.

Things to fix:

Some times You can keep loading bulltes in the gun, this needs to be fixed.

Also something needs to happen if you shoot at someone and it does not go off. Yeah I know they get the revenge, but it needs to be immediate.

If I shoot at someone, and miss then that person shoot RIGHT AWAY without missing a turn or waiting on their turn, get a chance to load 1 bullet and shoot back with an extra bullet in the chamber.

If I shoot at myself, and miss then I should get to shoot at anyone else at the table with the SAME amount of bullets in the gun as I had when attempting to shoot at myself, however the chamber MUST spin in order to bring the odds back to a full X/6. If I miss the free shot, no revenge can be taken due to the bonus of missing on myself first.

Loading a bullet should take a turn, also drinks should be taken out of the game..they serve no real purpose and also you should not be able to spin the chamber.


Cool! I loved killing my emimies , but sometimes i die! AWESOME! :D

Hey Nice Job

I Really Like It!

Really good job, although it gets boring too quick.

Maybe If you make a sequel you can include some different types of games with it?

Anyway, please make a sequel!



gotna love it