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Reviews for "Press Start: V for Vile 3"

rotary phone!

the poor evil overlord, no one should be subjected to an automated help line.

"I knew I should have gotten Jones to do this."

ROFLMAO!!! This is one of the funniest things I've ever seen! Keep it up, hand drawn or otherwise.

your call is important to us plz hold....

I remember track and field on the old nintendo systems and i did the cheating method all to time to get a unrealistic distance. This was something i could relate to (except calling the department for a malfunctioned product). great job. even though the movie is out at the time i'm typing this, plz continue to animated series (i'm not overly fond of the live action shorts but there still pretty good)

I knew it already!

It's been 2 years ago that it's been on DVD! And while he interupted the second message I didn't understood his swearing! And I give 10/10 for the humor, 8/8 for the graphic and 2/2 for Johnson's IQ because Vile shouldn't hire a retard like him!

funnyest phone support video yet

lol i loved the part when he said patience johnson patience while you can hear the screams and moans