Reviews for "Temple Guardian"

First to review^^

This is front page material! Awesome man, keep 'em comin. It's pretty original with how you can put stuff on the ground.

Even Customizing the Maps doesn't help you!

I don't think I've wasted more time on a Defence game like I have just now! Even when I tried to give myself the advantage using the customize map option, your game design keeps me from flat-out winning with little effort! Thanks for making time fly by so fast for me these past four hours!


in the second part i filled the map with sacred towers(including 2 dragon towers!!!) and eagle nests!


I haven't played an free online game like this for that long in ages! You've done really well.

So, when is Temple Guardian 2 coming?

I love this game- the Asian theme is a nice change from the usual tower defense game. The ability to choose different layouts is also fun. I also like the ability to use barricades, nets, etc. to place directly into the path. It would be nice to have more uses for the miracles (maybe one time spell effects, or conjuring up creatures to travel up the path and fight), and a couple more varieties of tower would also be a welcome addition. The only problem I had with this game was the lack of an extensive instructions page. It would be nice to have a listing of the different enemies, towers, traps, basic strategies, and so forth. Other than that, though, this is an excellent game.