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Reviews for "Temple Guardian"


This games was amazin one of the best tower defense games i have ever played. If u wana complete it just build one poison trap as close to the enemy entrance as poss and that can kill for the first few lvls. Then build about 4 fully upgraded arrow towers. After that just build as many lightning towers a poss they all atk 2getha and 1 hit5 evrytin. BTW if uput the poison trap like 1 or 2 squares from the enemy entrances the tresure wagon can't leave =)

Awesome game!

This game was very good. One thing i noticed was that is you pause all of the catapults reload while you are paused and then you could unpause and they all shoot at the same time.

Great Job!

This is one of the best defense games I've ever played! You get a 5.

Very Nice

Easy with mass lighning but a very solid game..

Needs more towers for the next one

love it

i really loved the game especially the create your own map option :D good job